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The Promise Academy 2024

Promise Academy Of Virginia Founder, Laymetha Reed Guy Founded - 2013 Incorporated – 10/05/2023 501C3


Greetings from The Promise Academy of Virginia! The Promise Academy of Virginia, a subsidiary of WISDOM EXPERIENCE, is a mentoring program that promotes youth development and advancement intellectually spiritually and educationally. Mentoring and Empowering our Leaders of Tomorrow Our Mission is to provide a sustainable solution and platform to successfully launch the developing minds of our youth today into game changing amazing Hidden Figures of tomorrow.


Laydsing Productions invites you to learn more about this truly important academy at the 2024 Wisdom Experience Conference. The Promise Academy of Virginia needs you and we would love for your organization to be a part of this event as we continue to pioneer this effort.


We need community support to help ensure our young ladies of the PROMISE ACADEMY OF VIRGINIA excel intellectually, spiritually, and educationally. Please consider supporting in some way, either through sending a representative or donating to the Promise Academy of Virginia Scholarship Fund. Every donation counts and will go a long way in helping to secure the successful future of our Hidden Figures of tomorrow. Keynote Speaker – Gospel Recording Artist Maurette Brown Clark For your convenience, a registration form has been enclosed. We hope to see you there for a day of exciting discussions, fellowship, food, fun, door prizes and more. Proceeds will benefit the Promise Academy of Virginia Scholarship initiative.


We look forward to your support! Thank you, Laymetha Reed Guy Laymetha Reed Guy Founder





How The PROMISE Works:


Start Early, Start Strong, Stay The Course Create your Presence and Plant Your Feet and Grow. You will never stand out constantly trying to fit in. Prepare yourselves intellectually, spiritually, and educationally to Excel in everything you do.

The steps to the PROMISE:

1. Intellectually create the foundation you need to stand strong using sound building blocks and recognizing and utilizing your intellectual property to fulfill your destiny.


2. Spiritually, getting in touch with your Spirituality, your personality, your soul’s desires, your thoughts, and emotions, which in turn will foster and empower your positive mental health. Paying attention to your mental and physical health keeps you in tune and able to function at your best, equipping you for the present and the future.


3. Educationally, we need to feed our brains daily. Knowledge is always powerful and allows us to level the playing field in a nonthreatening method that puts us in the game and keeps us in the game. Having mental skills that promotes advancement in and of itself provides the ability to have a more guided way and approach to success, creating the trajectory that we want and need to deliver, optimize, and monetize our own lives and our future generations to come.


Our launch of The Promise Academy of Virginia in 2013 had an outstanding success rate with our young women that attended. All graduated from high school, several with honors and went on to attend and graduate from 2 year and 4-year colleges and universities, and there is so much more that needs to be done. We plan to carry on our mission. The pandemic took its toll on millions of people, not only across our country and world, but right here in our own communities. We have seen the residual effects of it and how it has changed the way we live, work, fellowship and go about trying to function in our daily lives. But out of the ashes, there is beauty and happiness and wonderful opportunity, opportunity to live and grow and develop the Hidden Figures of today and tomorrow. The possibilities are endless,


Our scope in the academy will cover 30+ different fields of opportunity that our members can explore. They are: 1. Music 2. Dance 3. Poetry 4. Art 5. Illustrations and Writing 6. Aviation 7. Science 8. Technology 9. Engineering 10. Math 11. Criminal Justice 12. Medicine 13. Law 14. Entrepreneurship 15. Athletics 16. Acting and Theatre 17. Nursing 18. Education 19. Banking and Financial Services 20. Physics 21. Psychology and Psychiatry 22. Physical Therapy 23. Veterinarian Medicine 24. Culinary Arts 25. Military Science 26. Trade 27. Childcare/Day Care 28. Police and Firefighter 29. Mentoring and Coaching 30. Religious Studies.  31. Real Estate,


We want the PROMISE Academy of Virginia to be the "LinkedIn" forum for our youth development and advancement. We want a robust state of the art online service center and an APP that is the hub and heartbeat for the up-and-coming brilliant minds of today and tomorrow. This site will house the resumes and biographies, community achievements and success chronicles, stories of courage and encouragement of "like- minded" young people who are looking to have influence in the world by collaborating with other students and the community here and abroad.

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